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Polycarbonate and Vinyl Building Panels by Onduline North America

TUFTEX® Installation Instructions

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You Can Do It In 5 Easy Steps

  1. Determine Dimensions
  2. Cut and Nail Support Structures
  3. Pre-Drill TUFTEX® Panels
  4. Fasten Panels in Place
  5. Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy

Installation Tips:

TUFTEX® panels are the best building panels available for many home improvement projects such as deck covers, sun porches, carports, patio covers, and privacy panels, as well as many light commercial and agricultural applications. They are not recommended as the primary roofing for residential or commercial buildings.

Store TUFTEX® panels out of the sun, preferably indoors. Do not store outside in uncovered stacks, as damage from heat buildup may occur.

Cut each single panel of TUFTEX® with a utility knife or a pair of snips. Multiple panels may be cut using a circular saw with a plywood blade reversed or a fine-tooth handsaw.

Side Laps and End Laps: Seal all side laps and end laps with a silicone sealer. Overlap sides of panels by one corrugation and ends of panels by 4 inches.

Important: Pre-drill all fastening holes.
TUFTEX® panels naturally expand and contract with changes in temperature. Because of this, all fastening holes must allow for expansion and contraction of the panels. Always pre-drill holes prior to fastening the panels to supports. The diameter for the hole must be 1/8-inch larger than the diameter of the nail or screw. Do not over tighten fasteners. Aluminum nails or screws with attached neoprene washer are recommended. In a roofing application, fasten the panels on the crowns of the corrugation. In a siding or wall application, fasten the panels in the valleys.

Plan a minimum 1-inch pitch per horizontal foot of roof. (Pitch is the amount of height in inches the rafter rises per horizontal foot.) In heavy snow areas, plan up to 3-inch pitch per foot.

Cross-Brace Support Structure:
Install TUFTEX® UltraVinyl and SeaCoaster panels on a maximum 24-inch span on-center cross bracing. TUFTEX® PolyCarb panels can be installed on a maximum 36-inch span on-center cross bracing.
Consult your local building department for requirements.

Closure Strips:
Use TUFTEX® closure strips, which are available in both wood and foam. These closure strips have been designed to fit the SeaCoaster round-wave and the PolyCarb and UltraVinyl octagonal-wave corrugation.

Heat & Temperature Issues:
Make sure you choose the right product for your project. For projects in high heat or cold areas where the surface temperature could range from +270°F to -40°F, select TUFTEX® PolyCarb panels. TUFTEX® UltraVinyl and SeaCoaster opaque panels are suitable for all weather conditions and surface temperatures up to 150°F. TUFTEX® UltraVinyl and SeaCoaster translucent and clear panels are to be installed for use in milder weather conditions only, and are not recommended for locations with high UV or surface temperatures that can exceed 125°F. Never install translucent or clear TUFTEX® panels directly over dark colored rafters or closure strips. For best results, apply white paint to the top edge of the rafter or closure strip that is exposed to sunlight. Do not overlap or apply over existing roofing or lattice.

All TUFTEX® covered structures need adequate ventilation to control condensation and ensure coolness. If high heat may develop, choose TUFTEX® PolyCarb panels for your project.

Standard Installation Diagrams

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