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Polycarbonate and Vinyl Building Panels by Onduline North America


The TUFTEX® product line got its start in Southern California in 1988 with vinyl corrugated panels that successfully competed with fiberglass panels, which were more popular at that time. The team that designed those panels and engineered the production equipment has guided the company ever since and continues to lead our TUFTEX production facility with their innovation initiatives in polymer formulation, process engineering, custom postforming and profile extrusion systems.

The TUFTEX team moved production from Southern California to Fredericksburg, Virginia, in 1995. At the new production facility, the team continued to produce vinyl corrugated panels--the SeaCoaster™ and UltraVinyl™ lines--and began designing a new product made with a polycarbonate thermoplastic polymer. The polycarbonate material was, and continues to be, superior to vinyl for applications that require better temperature resistance, impact resistance and optical properties. These new polycarbonate corrugated panels were introduced as the TUFTEX PolyCarb™ line and became popular for many outdoor and indoor applications.

Product innovation continued at the Fredericksburg production facility, where we currently manufacture all TUFTEX products. The full TUFTEX product line now includes TUFTEX SeaCoaster™, TUFTEX UltraVinyl™, TUFTEX PolyCarb™, TUFTEX DeckDrain™, TUFTEX Poly-Lite™, and TUFTEX Ridge-Lite™.

TUFTEX is one of the product lines produced by Onduline North America.

Onduline North America

Onduline North America, Inc., founded in Virginia in 1976, is a manufacturer of roofing materials and building products in the United States. Onduline North America’s brands include ONDUVILLA®, ONDURA®, TUFTEX®, and RIDGELINE®. Onduline North America is a member of the international Onduline Group.

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